Qantas airline is the flagship airline of Australia and it operates its flights at the domestic and international destinations. This airline started working since long and it is providing state of the art traveling services to the passengers. This airline has significant share in the market in Australia and it is getting people due to various services at the ground and in the air. The airline has made many strategic alliances with various other international airlines and it got the facilities in other countries, where it operates.

Political Factors

The government has shown its influences in this airline and it has 65% market share in the country and it is operating domestic and international flights. The government supports this airline financial and also takes interest in its management. The airline has the status of the flagship airline and it is known as governmental airline in most of the countries. The government makes the policies of the airline and the political instability affects the business of this airline. Few days before the political turmoil in Bangkok affected its flights and it had to stop various flights (Moore, 2009).

The stable political condition in the country has developed its business. The government is going to take different initiatives and make the crucial decision to merge this airline in British airways. The government is providing political assistance to the airline and it is starting its flights on various international destinations (Live Paper Help, 2012).

Economical factors

If the economic situation of the country is not good then it will affected the business of the airline, so it is necessary for the airline to get proper business regularly so that it works smoothly. If there is decline in the economic sector, then it will affect its business. If there is economic recession and the per capita income of people is also decreased, then the airline will face problems in operating its flights on domestic and international routes. The economic downturn will also affect the income of the airline and it has to stop different flights (Moore, 2009).

Due to some financial crisis, the Qantas airline has to face some problems in continuing its flight operations. The company faced the economic downturn in its business activities and its business was badly suffered due to excessive spending in some areas (Live Paper Help, 2012).

Social Factors

The environment and the social conditions of the airline are excellent and most of the people want to travel through this airline. Now there is growing trend among people to travel through this airline and this trend has increase the performance of the airline. The airline is providing concession in the airline tickets along with various excellent services to the passengers and it got the attention of the passengers being most economical airline, so they like to travel through it on the national and international destinations. The higher level of acceptance of this airline shows the confidence of the passengers over this airline and they are also contented with the services provided by this company (Moore, 2009).

There are some social factors, which show that Australian population has developed their social norms and they enjoy traveling with this airline to get the good standard of services, which is offered to the passengers. It is providing the services to the clients and gets their support while operating its flights at the ground and in the air (Live Paper Help, 2012).

Technological Factors

Qantas Airline has inducted various new airplanes in its fleet and now these aircraft has boosted the business of this airline. The technology has made significant developments in different sectors and now the passengers can get booked their flights online and they can also get their check in online so they do not need to wait for the airline for long time. The IT development in different fields has shown its progress (Moore, 2009).

The airline has made excellent technological developments in different sectors and it is getting the positive achievements in the technological sector. Now the flight schedule, booking of tickets and other services relating to Qantas Airline are now providing on the internet and they can do different activities online so that they can save their time and there is no hassle on the airport while taking seat in the airplanes (Live Paper Help, 2012).

The introduction of new IT technology has raised the business of this airline and it has raised the expectations of the passengers. This airline uses high technology products and services and the new airplanes have the capability to fly between the two continents without taking a break (UK Essays, 2016).

Environmental Factors

The countries make different rules and regulations for the protection of environment and the Qantas Airline has to follow these regulations. The airline has shown its serious and honestly while observing these environment protection rules the board and authorities of the airline are dealing with issues of environment protection on the part of these airlines and this airline has made significant contribution in reduction of emission of pollution at about 50% in 2050, which is now 95% due to flying operations of the airline (Moore, 2009). 

Qantas Airline is not wasting their used fuel according to the rules and regulations protecting the environment, so there are some concerns and government has asked to adhere with the environmental regulation as their wastes can cause pollution in the air. Now the airline has to follow the environment protection regulation in order to avoid pollution and it has to decrease the emission of fuel (UK Essays, 2016).

Legal Factors

It is necessary for the airlines to follow the legal aspects of the countries and airline industry. The airline has taken steps in maintaining the health and security rues for their customers and employees. The passengers can get the excellent food and other facilities and there is no smoking allowed in the airline, and this step is taken for the health of other passengers (UK Essays, 2016).

The airline has to bear the carbon tax due to its performance and the airline has to follow this rule strictly to adhere with the legal position of the airline industry. The airline also has to follow various other legal formalities to run their activities smoothly (Moore, 2009).


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