Banking sector plays an important role for the economy to function appropriately. It has earned the significance similarly as lifeblood in the economic and financial matters such as providing credits and collection deposits from people, states, businesses, various individuals and solving the households finance. In all the economic systems, banks play a critical role in implementing financial policy as well as helps in planning and prioritizing goals. Almost all banking system contributes to achieve profits by using all means. However, most of the socialistic systems perform various bank operations for the betterment of economy and contribute to satisfy the social needs. Read how PESTEL analysis figures out the impact of the company operation in the market.

Role of banking industry

The banking sector varies according to the procedures they perform and are different in nature. However, every bank contributes its services to the well-being of people while the national banks help in the development of Government and economic policy.The banking industries are taking measures to create the business organisms which will stay under state control. The operation of the bank is obvious to be established legally which helps to avoid the deviations and any misinterpretations for the intended purpose. The phenomena of bad management will become a target of intense criticism,and the trust of the citizens will be shaken.

Why PESTEL analysis is important for Banking Industry ?

The PESTEL analysis of banking sector is used as a strategic tool which helps to aid and assist the banking company growth. A PESTLE analysis will provide a clear path which anyone with good business knowledge can follows. The analysis will offer an outward look and the environment based external banking on companies because of the widespread activities which may impact and affect the campaigns, infrastructures, and policies.

If you are reviewing the marketplace then the environmental influence, legal, technological, social economic and political provides a great clue so it would succeed in the competitive banking industry. An excellent PESTEL analysis helps to enlighten the information and also benefits by capitalizing the banking opportunities available in the market. Following are the core factors which must be considered for the analysis.

Political Factors

The overall restrictions, limitations, and boundaries are taken into account in the banking system. This helps to support the new investment which will be anticipated form Government. It is best to recognize the patterns that how stable and shape the political environment I and what type of government policies will help to impact the laws. These laws then regulate in the banking industry and are implemented for the apparent taxed. It is advisable to check that the government is involved in trading agreement or not because it will be able to manage the banking market. Following are the political factors which affects in making a stable banking system

• Government stability and its type
• Laws, corruption and level of bureaucracy
• The role of press or social media
• Regulated and de-regulated trends
•  Tax policies
• Employment legislation

Technological Factors

The advancement of technology plays a crucial role in the banking industry. It is essential for the competitive advantage and proves to be a core driver for the globalization. Technology provides a variety of quality products and services at reasonable rate. For the banks, the internet services are essential, and they have to utilize it to provide more efficient and practical service. The technological factors does play an important role in banking industry.

• Technological transfer and its impact
• Emerging technologies
• Internet, remote working and communication costs
• Rate technological change

Economic Factors

The economic factor of PESTAL analysis for the bank helps to determine the current situation of the marketplace. You will be able to consider the general position and shape of the market. The inflation and the interest rates and various other conditions will be known by considering the economic factor. The primary goal of the PESTEL analysis will help in the financial institution which contributes to the present economic climate. Following are the important factors which affects the economical banking industry

• A proper business cycle
• The current economic growth
• Costs of labor
• Globalization
• Unemployment rate
• Interest rates and inflation
• Change in economic environment
• Levels of income distribution

Social Cultural

The social, cultural factors affect the scheme, especially in the banking sector. You will be able to determine money related issues and the attitude of the market. The savings will be recognized, the approach used and the productive loans which provide profitable results to the clients. It will help to determine the attitude of various markets products and foreign services. Social factors does involve

• The growth of population
• Health consciousness
• Attitudes and lifestyle changes
• Social, press and public attitudes
• Health, social mobility, population attitudes
• Changes in socio-cultural changes

Legal Factors

Legal factors leave a countless impact on the banking industry. The trade structures, securities law, note regulations and various legal necessities help to confirm the legal frameworks which are available in the market. It is best to make assured that these structures facilitate the commercial tools and are reliable for the international economy. For the safe and secure banking transaction and procedures following are the legal laws which affects industry

• Safety and health laws
• Discrimination law
• Employment legislation
• Antitrust rules
• Consumer law

Environmental Factors

It is the final and the last step of the PESTLE analysis which allows you to deal with the environmental platform. To consider the environmental factors, you have to consider the various locations and their impacts on the trading which is sponsored by the banking industry. The climatic changes affect the bank operations and most of the time proves to be a hurdle in many cases. The environmental factors includes

• Natural disasters
• Environmental factors
• Usage Green products
• Climate and weather changes

The PESTEL Analysis of Banking Sector

The banking system proves to be a great source of financing the government. It takes many different measures to improve the well-being of people. If any individual wants to excel in the sector, you need to be wise and have to understand the PESTLE analysis. It will leave a real impact on the objectives as well as on the goals of business.

It is essential that banking industry must consider the PESTEL analysis before the marketing process. The factors provide the continuous effects and fed the planning. With this analysis tool, you will be able to understand operational environment, threats, and opportunities. It is great is you will understand these factors because the associated opportunities will open to you by minimizing the risks.

All the factors used in this technique helps to understand the market. The framework will build the backbone of the strategic management which will define the operations of company, strategies and organizations goals.


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