This is the detailed PESTEL analysis of Dabur which is renowned natural medicine company headquartered in India. Dabur medicines are not only famous domestically, but also imported to other countries due to its high demand. At current, it has market around the globe & generating healthy profits for the company. In 2015-2016 Dabur had earned revenue of 85 billion Indian rupees.

The Dabur is an Indian company which was established back in 1884. Dr. SK Burman was the man who laid the foundation of the Dabur India Company. He wanted to serve the humanity which an exceptional, unique medicine. The brand name of the company is also unique in its meaning.It is derived from the words “Da” which mean doctor and “Bur” are for Burman. With the passage of time the company expanded and carved its place as the India’s leading manufacturer of the personal care, healthcare, and various food products. The company is providing high-quality products to its consumers from years. Reasonable rates and best quality products are the India`s number one choice.

The company is in existence from years, and the brand has provided its people a natural lifestyle. You will get every sort of thing from honey to hair care products of Dabur Company. Dabur Company has gained the trust of its target audience and never caused any person any harm. The natural and real ingredients used in the products are the main reason that every individual enjoys it.

Why is Dabur famous?

Dabur has achieved many awards and titles from last 125 years. It also has gained the best leadership status which depicts the success story of Dr. Burman. The company maintains its dedication towards nature most importantly, powerful results and hygiene process. The commitment to clients, stakeholders, and partners are some other factors. From the new generation to old generation, Dabur has gained many loyal customers. The company has a turnover of about $ 750 million and owns the capitalization of $3.5 billion. Dabur Chywanprash, Hajmola, Amla and various other brands of Dabur are famous worldwide.

The growth of the company increased from 10% to 40% and the information about the company keeps on growing day by day. Taking care of all the constituents of Dabur is tough. The Pharma Ltd. Have performed toxicology tests and also introduced Ayurvedic medicines in the markets after the scientific research. Dabur Foods are rated and well known as the real, active, and juices, have conquered the leadership in themarket.

PESTEL analysis

Political Factors

There are many factors which trigger the growth of industry. Political factors does involve all the licensing issues, excise duties and reduced dominance of unorganized sector. Government also looks the rural economy which facilitates the demand of products. This helps in the successful industry growth and its success. The government interfaces and may support the companies to grow. However, Dabur Company got much support from the Government because of its high-quality products which were serving thousands of people. The export products helped the company to grow. The trading policies were set for Dabur Company because only the export products can assist them to grow.

Social Factors

The social factors largely depend on demographics, consumers, educational levels, social behavior and the income. The Dabur Company targets almost every age and gender of people. Demographics are the study of the population which helps to divide the markets into different segments and attract large customers. Dabur has attracted all types of families, race, sex or religion. It is not confined to any one group of people.

The distribution of income depends on the economy state. It affects the purchasing power of consumers and the consumption of products may increases or decreases. 
It is true that consumers consider a large number of factors while purchasing the goods. Dabur has introduced all high-quality products which make easy for customers to select and choose quickly. They can make adecision quickly. However, you may have different sort of choice while selecting a product. Education level also affects the buying process. If any person is seeking an exceptional ingredient in any product or consumer will want to know all the features and facts about the goods which would differentiate it from other products.

India has introduced many laws which are safe and safeguarded the consumer’s rights. The consumer can file a case if he/she feels that they are cheated regarding any element.

Environmental Factors

The company team is striving hard to fulfill all the personal and health grooming needs. It targets every type of consumer and provides natural solution under the deep knowledge of science, herbs, and its products. The main aim is to provide eco-friendly products. The environmental factors largely depend on weather or climate changes. Take an example of bathing products such as shampoo or soaps. Their use will definitely be lessened during winters. However, natural disasters do impact on sales and the distribution of products worldwide. Talking about the international clients who use Dabur products, will make use of bathing products less during winter season which lasts for more than 4 months. However in India, the products are largely used because of weather changes especially summer which last more than 6 months.
So environmental factors does largely and directly impact the growth of Dabur Company.

Legal Factors

Marketing decisions rely strongly on development and legal environment factors. This affects the development directly. Environment is based on government agencies, legislation and pressure groups. These elements influence individuals and limit the organizational progress. However, legal factors must be wide or applied appropriately so that it will create new opportunities for business. The company is legal and fulfills all the legislative law. The legitimate businesses can grow more rapidly. Dabur can provide exceptional opportunities to all the citizens’ that they can work and earn. All rights are equal for all employees.

Economic Factors

Better investment and reforms are policies which attract investors. This ultimately improve standard of living of various people. The branded products also improves standard of living and acts as an inspiration. Better reform and various strong economic factors increases demand of products especially among youth. The internet marketing will change dynamics which helps to improve selling efficiencies. The company continuously focuses on the consumer needs and develops various products to fulfill the needs of people. The main reason for the growth of the company is the loyal customers. There are many people who do not spend a single day without using Dabur product.

The company has helped thousands and millions of people worldwide to raise their living standard and improve themselves with the best high-qualityproducts. The products are perfect for grooming yourself. With the growth of the organization, the national income of the company has also increased. If per capita is more than the amount spent would be less. However, if the inflation rate is higher, then apparently the cost of products will automatically rise. If the inflation rate islow, then the price of the product will also be small. This will result in more productivity and directly affect the growth of the organization. 

Technological Factors

With the advancement and innovation in technology, the company will propose more processes for their services. The consumers can use more innovative products, and they can easily reach the product line with the e-commerce or online shopping. The Dabur platform is a global Company which focuses on growth and may reach to various geographical areas to improve operational efficiencies.

Change in business technology processes will undoubtedly lead to technology labor. The new and young labor must be hired for the best-produced products. The computer department will be able to perform more advanced research and will make be able to make advancement in the competitive market.

So if you are also the Dabur fan, then reach out for the best high-quality product. The PESTEL analysis of Dabur has depicted that the company is not only best in products but is perfect on other factors as well. PESTEL analysis concludes that the company will grow in the upcoming years.


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