Qatar Airways is the flagship of Qatar and it is operating its flights on various international routes. The airline has made the strategic planning for the customers, competencies, and competitors. The airline has maintained the retail plan for Qatar Airways to meet the needs of the customers and show their capabilities and competitive environment. The airline is operating its most of the flights on various international destinations. They provide the services in the economy and business class with comfort, spaciousness and superb service with the new technological developments. The airline industry has to follow the instructions and advices, which are issued to them from time to time by the different governments and the airline industry.

Political Factors

As this airline is the national flagship of Qatar so the government runs its administration and it also supports its airline activities. The government has started various new routes for the airline and it started its flights to different countries. The airline has increased the number of flights from Pakistan to various international routes (UK Essays, 2015).

Qatar Airline has excessive number of flights and it has introduced upper middle class, middle class and business class and it is operating its operations as Qatar Airways across Europe, Central Asia, North America, South America, Africa, Far East, South Asia, and Oceania. The international airline agencies declared this airline as the best airline of Middle East and it is the fifth best across the globe. The passengers can find its flights from Doha to all international destinations like Dubai, Maldives, Colombo and Cape Town and this airline has 110 airplanes in its fleet. The strong political will of the government has given a boost to this airline and it is getting worth in the international airline industry (Reya Reji, 2013).

Economical factors

The economic position of the airline is strong and it is competing with other leading international airlines of the world. The passengers are satisfied with their service, food and facilities in the air and on the ground and they prefer to travel to this airline on the long and distant journeys. The airlines earned good profit over its services and it has increased various new flights on the different international destinations (Waqar Muneer, 2012).

The airline has to buy new airplanes to increase in their fleet and start new flights on the new destinations. The airline has to face the high capital expenditures including buying and leasing of aircrafts, security and safety and customer service and number of employees of the airline. The company has to compete with other international airlines line Emirates, Etihad, British Airways, KLM and Lufthansa (Reya Reji, 2013).

Social Factors

There are some key drivers including product development, consistency, advertising and direct marketing through online reservation, e-commerce, onboard amenities, duty free shopping and various other facilities have made this airline popular among its clients. The airline tries to provide customer friendly environment so that they do not feel stranger in the airline and provide them homely environment during their journey. On different performances of the airline, Qatar Airways raises the flag of Qatar in the Boston Logan Airport ceremony (Reya Reji, 2013).

The population of Qatar is about 907,229 and the GDP of the country is about $29.400, which shows the strong financial position and the people of the country enjoy their vacations on different foreign city. They have all basic facilities including education, health, welfare services, transportation and many more. Qatar Airways has the code share partnership with various other leading international airlines of the world and they have proud over this code share partnership. The headquarters of the airline is situated in Doha and it has set up its offices in all countries, where it operates its flights (Waqar Muneer, 2012).

Technological Factors

Skytrax is an international airline agency and it has confessed the technological development in their airline. It includes this airline at the fifth position after Asiana Airline, Malaysian Airline, Cathay Pacific, and Singapore Airlines. The IT technological has created various facilities for the passengers and they use online services while getting booked their tickets, getting seat and information about the arrival and departure of flights to all international destinations. The airline is providing various facilities to the passengers during their flight and fine quality food is supplied to them. The passengers enjoy the facilities and services of the airline during their journey (Waqar Muneer, 2012).

The airline has offers some services to the clients with the use of new technological developments like improved customer service, cost reduction and differentiated pricing strategy. The airline earns more with the use of these technology advancements and they have increased the volume by sales till 40% and they also earned handsome profit over it. 

Environmental Factors

The government made some environment regulations according to the instructions of the international agencies and the airlines have to follow these regulations ensuring the safety of the environment. The illegal and irresponsible behavior of various airlines has created the danger of pollution and the airline industry needs to take step for the removal of such irregularities. They have to preserve the environment by strictly adhering the regulations about environment and take steps against the responsible companies. 
The airline should consider the consumption of fuel and the wastage of the oil are the primary concerns of environmental protection, which needs to be addressed. They should take proper care of these issues so that they can preserve the environment according to the rules and regulations of IATA.

Legal Factors

The airline abides by the rules and regulations, which are implied on this industry. There are different rules and laws, which are governed over this airline industry including management of the flights, their services, food protection and the rights of the employees, which are working with this airline. There are some IATA rules and laws, which are necessary to adhere when the airline operates its flights on the international destinations. The airline has to take into account the working hours and the pilots are given rest after certain time of flight. The airlines do not follow the specific rules and laws, they are not allowed to operate their flights on the international routes.


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