Qatar is a small country located on east of Saudi Arabia and has population just over 9, 00,000 people and it has emirate-type government. The government of Qatar claims that it has constitutional autonomy in the country but there are no political parties and elections are also not held in the country. It is located at the coast of Persian Gulf and its capital is Doha. The country has its own identity and national language is Arabic. There is great potential in this country to invest heavy amount and develop business in this country. It only conducts the election at Municipality level and the male and female citizen, whose age is more than 18 years, can cast their votes. But the municipalities have no powers and they can just give the advice to the Minister.

Political Factors

In the country, no elections are held so there is no democratic government but there is only king and he is all in all in the country. He has cabinet of ministers, which are mainly taken from the royal family. Vast number of foreign residents lives in the country but they cannot apply for citizenship. Qatar is going to host the FIFA World Cup 2022 and it is going to build various world class stadiums, in which the football matches will be played. The government is going to make the infrastructure for the sports activities. Now it is going to become the big business center like Dubai after managing the FIFA world cup as new hotels and various other buildings are being constructed in this country. There is stability in the Government and no chaos is there to create turmoil in the country. It has vast reserves of oil and it is main source of income. People are pleased with the facilities, which are provided to them and government has good relations with all neighboring countries and other developed countries of the world (UK Essays, 2015).

Economical factors

The economy of the country is strong as it is rich with natural oil and gas. This country is peaceful, so there are enough chances for the industrialists and entrepreneurs to develop their businesses.  It is going to become the big business hub in coming years. The growth of the global economy was 3.9% in 2010 and the expansion of the emerging economies was 6.0. The real GDP of Qatar is expected to expand by 18% in 2010 and it is still increasing with the enhancement of hydrocarbon revenue and support of the government to boost the economy. The country has the income from the natural oil is about 800,000 barrels per day and now the country is looking for production of LPG. Qatar gas the largest non-associated gas field, which is North Dome gas field and it holds about 14 to 16% of the world reserves. The government is focusing its attention on setting up of Qatar Science and Technology Park, Qatar Airways and growth of Doha (UK Essays, 2015). 

Social Factors

The country has given special attention on the education and their young generation is getting more and more education. Now the local national people are getting education from foreign countries and now they are holding the key positions after completing their education. It save huge amount, which was spent on payment to the foreign nationals (Lucintel, 2013).

They give attention to their religion as huge number of population is Muslim and they have rich tradition and Islamic culture. They are generous and hospitable. They can make their economy strong with the implementation of various financial investments and start working at their own. They should provide services to the clients in the field of finance, services, trade and tourism. Now the world cup will make it center point of attraction of the people across the world and people will start their business activities. Government provides education free of cost and women are not allowed to get driving license without permission of her husband (UK Essays, 2015).  

Technological Factors

Qatar has made significant development in technology and various new mobiles and computer technology is introduced in the country. The people have access to the internet and they use social media websites. Government has developed their airline, which is now 5th best airline across the world. New and latest technology is used in exploring the oil and natural gas (UK Essays, 2015).

Qatar is great exporter of oil and gas and it has made the maximum utilization of resources and it started trade activities with various European countries. It will get quick progress in manufacturing and export of oil and natural gas and it has developed its economies and it is ready to welcome every technological development in any field (Reuter, 2013).

Environmental Factors

The Ministry of Industry and Agriculture established the Environmental Protection Committee to keep an eye on the factors, which can cause the environmental pollution. The government has shown its activeness to make the legislation for the protection of environment. They want to ensure clean and green atmosphere, which can give good outlook of the country and it will welcome the international investors to come and invest their amounts in different industry and business. With the organizing of the FIFA football world cup, the entire world will focus on the country and they will check this location best for their business activities. Now government will have to build new hotels and apartment for the players and the spectators, who will come and enjoy with the world cup in 2022 (UK Essays, 2015).

Legal Factors

The government has made laws and implemented them effectively. The judicial system is strong and the individuals as well as organizations have to abide by these laws and regulation in carrying out their activities. The effective implementation of law ensures the security and safety of lives and properties of people. The companies and firms can perform their business activities following the rules and regulations. The state makes the law for the welfare and safety of the people and none is allowed to break the law. From legal point of view, this country is ideal for making investment and starts the business activities (Reuter, 2013). 


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