With the advancement in time, the IT industry has made great progress and new developments have been made in this industry. Almost all of the countries of the world use internet facilities to have close connection with the people and the world. IT technology is used in almost all important departments and fields of life. The development and research work in IT industry has affected the life of common people and new equipments and tools are used in IT technology.

Political Factors

The political situation in any country can affect the business of IT industry. The government forms rules and regulations for the IT industry and make the policies to introduce the IT industry in different departments of the government. It can also help to grow the IT industry in the private sector. It is also necessary for the government to adopt policies for the use of software and social media and keep it on the right track. The government can make its use perfect and useful for the people and prevent to use for unsuitable purposes or for the crimes. The government forms the taxation policy to implement on this industry and it can earn good revenue from IT industry.

The political stability in any country can help to grow this industry and it is used in various departments to make the work easy and quick. It has brought all of the departments and companies closer together with the use of internet and people can do most of their works in short time. You can do various financial transactions in short time and government should make rules and regulations for proper use of internet and different websites. The developed countries have provided the internet facilities to their most of the people and they use internet and get help from different sites to carry out their working. Now the IT is being taught in almost all schools, colleges and universities.

Economical Factors

IT industry has left grave affect on the economies of the countries. Now people can know and detect the economic recession, contract availability, competition and the deposit of fee. Now the countries prepare their budgets by collecting data of their different departments through use of internet and check the economic situation. They can also judge the income and expense of every department and also check their working output to analyze the suitability of the departments. They can compare their budget with the previous budgets and analyze how much amount was spent on any department and what did they get from it. IT has made all of the works easy and quick now people can save time and energy and they can manage their working or business well.

Social Factors

With the use of internet, people can know about their rights on workplace or as a citizen and they can share their viewers with others. They can raise different issues on social media sites and get the solutions of their problems. They also use different sites to know about jobs and the companies, in which they can try to get the job. People have skills and they can look for most appropriate job according to their education and skills. They can talk with people of different countries in English and they are most confident to share their feelings with them freely and confidently. Now people can know about latest fashion designs, activities in the city, about any products and services and they can use it for online shopping and any other online work.

Technological Factors

IT industry has developed great impact on the lives of people and economy of the country. Now people have mobile phones and they can make contact with each other. They can call, send SMS and use social media networks to contact with others. The number of IT users is increasing day by day and they use smart phones for different purposes. IT tools and equipments are used in different businesses and it has made work easy and you can do in short time. The computer aided designs in architecture are essential for making designs of the buildings for domestic and commercial use. The software technologies brought revolution in all departments of life and various new software are available in the market and the users do not bother to complete their work without any tension or difficulty. Hardware and OS technology is also available in the market and it is used in different fields of life. Now business activities are carried out quickly and people can do it in short time.

Environmental Factors

There are different issues of environment and its protection and they gained prominence. The increasing use of IT equipments and tools threatened the environmental balance and it is great danger for the sustainability of life and nature. Mobile phones are basically cordless phones and they receive phone calls and SMS through waves and these waves are heavy and dangerous for the health of people. The mobile phone operating companies have installed the signal towers, which receives and send the waves when the calls are made. The excessive use of mobile phone has made life dangerous and people are suffered from different diseases. It becomes dangerous to put the smart phone in pocket as it can vibrate and its vibration can be threat for hearts, stomach and mental problems.

Legal Factors

The spread of IT industry needs implication of some necessary rules and regulations, which can make its use regular and under law. The IT tools are used for different illegal activities and terrorists use different social media sites to convey their message and there was not proper arrangement to tackle their phone calls and messages. The illegal use of IT service and different sites should be banned under strict cyber crime regulations. In most of the developing countries, IT technology is used for various illegal activities. However, various developed countries have controlled the massive illegal use of phone and internet and now calls and SMS are traced. They introduced rules and regulations against these cyber crimes and they also create awareness among their people against cyber crimes.


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