Johnson & Johnson is the leading American based health care product manufacturing company, which has introduced huge number of products in the market. This company got tremendous popularity around the world and it has earned huge appreciation on the research work and manufacturing and sale of the products for skin care, children health care, women health care, pharmaceutical products and the general public products.

Political Factors

The political pressure on the company exerts the strong pressure over its business and this political pressure is exerted at local, national, regional and international levels. When the governments make the political developments in the country and they introduce new reforms, then it can affect the business of the company in that particular country. The company has to introduce its products in the market, so they check the needs of the market and they have to negotiate on the change in policy and they have to anticipate in policy shift. The corruption level and the tax policies also affect the business.

The company has to consider the regulations and the trade control policies of various countries from time to time and consider the import restrictions. The environmental law and the education law are also taken into account as the specific country allow the eco friendly products and the government involvement in trade unions and the agreements is also growing concern for the business.  The health care products can have negative effects on the health of the public and the economic situation of any country can become grave concern for the sale of the products. The company has to take trust on the government policies to enhance their supply of products in the market. The company enhances its business in the developed and developing countries, where the political situation is strong and they face less resistance against their products.

Economical Factors

Johnson & Johnson Company feels satisfaction over the introduction of European Union, as it became the single currency market and it has increased the market for the products of various heath care companies including Johnson & Johnson. The inflation rate and the exchange rates in various countries are stable, so it does not affect the price of the products or making any future investments. The company has great concern with growth rates, interest rates and inflation rates of the products and such economic factors can affect the business of the company.

The executives of the company need to analyze the market to predict about the challenges and look for the opportunity for the growth of the company in particular direction. The economic recession in various countries affected the business of the company but these impacts were not severe, as this company provides the products of healthcare and medical care. The unemployment trends, trade flows and patterns, high labor cost and monetary policies can affect the profit of the sale of the products and they face low outturn of their products in the market.

Social Factors

The company has to face different social factors like health consciousness and it has to consider attitudes towards import of goods and services, work, career, leisure and retirement. The aging population is the big purchaser of the products of this company and this company has prepared the products for young babies. Women like to take care of their health and they prefer its products to keep their skin soft and fresh. It also has increased the sale of its medical devices, pharmaceutical and diagnostics and consumer goods. There are different diseases and ailments like obesity, diabetes, cancer and mental disorder, for which they are preparing their products.

Now people are educated and they have awareness due to recent developments in the health care field and they shifted from use of natural food products to the genetic modified food products. Now people have changed their minds to use these food products to improve their health and mend their ways.

Technological Factors

Johnson & Johnson put emphasis on research and development work launching of modified products and modern technologies to satisfy the stakeholders. The company has introduced various introduced, which are giving results with the change in weather. The company is also following the rules and regulations in the concerned technology field. It has reserved huge amount to carry on research and development work so that they can understand the need of the clients and market and prepare the products according to their requirements. Various health care products become useless due to change in weather. The IT technology is used to have access to the market and they raise the technology level in their industry.

Environmental Factors

The company puts great emphasis on the research and development work and it has prepared such products, which are great in the changing weather and they compete with different diseases and ailments, which are caused due to change in environment. People can check the variety of its products and they can also consult with their physician to buy the perfect products, which can save them from harshness of weather and environment. The company has to abide by the laws, which regulate environment pollution and prepare such products, which can be suitable against air and water pollution. It has to create the attitude of its profession towards ‘green’ or ecological products and ask the people to buy their products.

Legal Factors

Johnson & Johnson have to abide by some local laws in different countries, which are implemented due to their specific conditions. The copyright, patent and intellectual property laws are also strict. The company has to protect its data and also take action in accordance with data protection law. Health and safety laws are implemented in most of the countries in order to save the health of people of the country. There is huge number of employees working in the company and it provides them all necessary benefits by complying the employment law. People have great awareness about their consumer protection and e-commerce and also have to take action according to discrimination law, to protect the employees from being hatred on the base of race, color, caste, gender or religion.


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